Despite all the efforts the State of Kuwait and its medical and media institutions are putting to try and fight the war against diabetes, it still persists in our small society and in large numbers that poses a serious threat to one’s life and health. According to medical statistics this is not only relevant to our society here in Kuwait, it is also true with the neighboring Gulf countries and the Arab region in general, and this is when the Kuwait Diabetes Team was established with a new approach to bring awareness and education to these issues with the latest in news, researches, and studies. The team consists of doctors that specialize in diabetes and nutrition specialists that help in the treatment and control of the illness. This group of professionals has developed increased concern for the health of the people and how diabetes is affecting the society, especially in Kuwait. New ways are being explored to help raise awareness and provide new and different education tools in this project, with the hope of providing help and knowledge to those who need it.


Kuwait Diabetes Team is providing it’s service via the Internet to promote healthy lifestyle changes and methods to help decrease the risk for diabetes, and help manage it with people who have it. KDT will also make sure the latest in the world of diabetes is provided, as well as provide services where patients are able to communicate with experts through the website.


Kuwait Diabetes Team takes pride in promoting the growth and awareness of diabetes in a modern and efficient method to the society. KDT will also keep it’s information updated based on the latest researches and studies conducted in the world. In addition it will provide you with lifestyle tips, advice, methods, and programs that are related to diabetes and in providing a healthier life.


  1. Enhance social awareness of the medical sector in the State of Kuwait.
  2. Increase awareness of diabetes to Kuwaiti citizens and residents and of the Arab region by providing tips and guidelines that address the issues of this illness.
  3. Contribute in the treatment of patients with diabetes as well as any special needs that need to be considered.
  4. Decrease and prevent the diagnosis of diabetes, and making sure it doesn’t progress to a worse stage if already diagnosed with the disease.
  5. Constant and direct communication with diabetes patients by providing them with advice and guidelines.
  6. Establish the largest informative web-based diabetes source in the Arabic language.
  7. Support scientific research and studies that relate to diabetes.

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