Team Members

Dr Abdulmuhsen Mashay Alshammari - Co-Founder

Dr Abdulmuhsen is a specialist in endocrinology & diabetes at Mubarak Al-Kabeer hospital. Dr Abdulmuhsen is the Head of endocrine and Diabetes obstetric clinic at Al Adan hospital. He graduated from Kuwait University medical school. He completed his postgraduate program at University of Toronto (the birth town of insulin discovery).

His interests include management of endocrine & diabetes in pregnancy, in addition to his extensive experience in lipid management. Dr Abdulmuhsen has also completed academic education program at University of Toronto.

Dr Ebaa Sadad Al-Ozairi - Co-Founder

Dr Ebaa Al-Ozairi is an assistant professor at Kuwait University and a specialist in diabetes and endocrinology at Mubarak Al-Kabeer hospital. She graduated from Aberdeen University (UK) and has completed her full postgraduate program in Diabetes and Endocrinology from Newcastle University, UK. She was awarded Fulbright fellowship to Joslin Diabetes Center, Harvard medical school.

Her research interest includes diabetes education, obesity, bariatric surgery, and diabetes in young people. Dr Ebaa Al-Ozairi has been accredited by the Royal College of physician as an educator and is an associate practitioner at the UK higher National Academy. Within Kuwait diabetes team, Dr Ebaa considers herself as diabetes friends.

Dr. Adel Ahmed Alzayed - Assistant Professor (Faculty Of Medicine)-Kuwait University

During my sixth year at medical school I have ever growing interest in Psychiatry. After graduation from Kuwait university medical college I joined South East Edinburgh Psychiatry rotation scheme, which is basically a training post in Psychiatry, eventually at 2001 I got my membership in psychiatry and becoming the first Kuwaiti Psychiatrist ever with the membership of the royal college of psychiatrists. Since my return back to Kuwait in January 2002 I had developed a specific interest in the relationship between psychiatric illnesses and chronic physical illnesses.

Dr Yousif Behbehani - Internal Medicine Resident

Dr Yousif Behbehani, is an internal medicine resident currently at McGill University. He graduated from Royal College of Physicians and surgeons in Dublin. He has joined the Kuwait diabetes team (KDT) to gain clinical research experience in writing web based materials. He wishes to complete his fellowship in diabetes and endocrinology with research interest in understanding Kuwaiti population and the use of the web based materials.

Sharifah Nasser Alragum - PT, PhD

Dr. Sharifah is an assistant professor in the department of Physical Therapy at the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences (Kuwait). She got her BSc degree in physical therapy from Kuwait University. She worked at the Ministry of Health for two years before pursuing her graduate studies in North America. Her areas of interest are geriatrics and diabetes. For her MSc degree, she studied the balance performance of older adults with diabetes at Dalhousie University (Canada). For her PhD, she studied the quality of life of older adults with diabetes at Temple University (USA).

Alaa Abdullah Al-Mufarrej - Nutrition Program (Co-Founder)

Alaa Abdullah Al-Mufarrej was born in Kuwait city. Earned a Bs degree in nutrition science from Simmons College in Boston. She spent approximately 5 years to develop the medical nutrition education programs for the Kuwaiti Armed forces Hospital in Kuwait. Then, perused a postgraduate degree in nutritional science and dietetics from Syracuse University in NY.  The main area of her interest is public health nutrition.

Sumaya Saeed Al-Ibrahim - Dietitian

Sumayah graduated form Kuwait University, bachelor degree of Nutrition Science in 2007. Sumaya worked as teacher assistance at Kuwait University from 2007-2008. Currently working as a dietitian, in the diabetes unit, at Mubarak Alkabeer Hospital. Her main clinical focus is on type 1 diabetes and carbohydrate counting.

Ahmed Aldughpassi, BSc, MSc - Nutrition

Ahmed is currently a PhD candidate in the department of nutritional sciences at the University of Toronto, Canada, where he also completed a Masters degree in nutritional sciences in 2007.  Ahmed area of specialty is in carbohydrates metabolism and diabetes. His current research is investigating the effects of whole grain foods on postprandial responses, oxidative stress, and inflammatory markers in humans.  He also completed and was involved in a number of studies investigating the glycemic index of foods.
Ahmed completed his a bachelor degree of science in Dietetics in 2003 from the U.S.A., were after that he joined the Food and Nutrition administration, Kuwait Ministry of health as a clinical nutritionist in Alsabah Hospital.  Ahmed has also worked as a scientific assistant in the Department of Nutrition and food Science, Kuwait University (2004-2005).

Farhana Abdul Sayed Mohamed - Nutrition consultant

Farhana graduated from Ain Shams University, B.S in biochemistry. Currently working as a nutritionist in Adan Hospital for the last 15 years. Her main clinical focus is on nutrition for people with diabetes, renal and heart disease, obesity problems, and bariatric surgery.

Sara A. AlQabandi - Dietitian

Sara graduated in May 2009, from The University of Arizona, with a bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences: Dietetics, and a minor in Chemistry. Sara participated in nutrition awareness exhibitions and programs while studying in the States. Her main area of interest is weight management.

Dana Ahmed Al Ghadouri - Dietitian

Dana graduated from Kuwait University, college for women with a bachelor degree in nutrition. Dana holds certification in basic nutrition therapy, advancing nutrition in diabetes management, management of type 2 diabetes and certification in insulin pump workshop and carbohydrate counting workshop. Dana currently working as a dietitian at the Maternity hospital. Her main area of clinical focus is managing diabetes in pregnancy.

Zainab Hasan Dashti - Dietitian

Zainab is a dietitian in Diabetes Unit – Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital, she graduated from College of Health Science in 2003 and got her Dipoloma degree in nutrition and food science, she joined the Ministry of Health – Mubarak Al Kabeer hospital in 2004 as a general dietitian. She got her BSc in Nutriton from Kuwait University in 2009. Zainab specialized in Diabetes and joined Diabetes Unit in 2009. Her main area of interest is teenagers and diabetes.

Dr. Suhaila Ashkanani - Dentist

Dr. Ashkanani obtained her Masters degree in Oral Microbiology from Boston University, USA in 2003.  Dr. Ashkanani then completed her post-doctoral residency program in pediatric dentistry at Boston University School of Dental Medicine in 2006.  Dr. Suhaila is a diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and currently is head of unit at Adan Dental Center as well as a clinical instructor at Kuwait University Faculty of Dentistry.  Dr. Ashkanani is an active member of the Kuwait Society of Pediatric Dentistry.  Her interests are treatment of special needs and diabetic children.

Dr Thaier Nasser Almuaili - Diabetologist

Dr Thaier is a specialist in Internal medicine and Diabetes at Al-Amiri hospital and Maternity hospital.

He graduated from the Royal college of Surgeon in Ireland (RCSI). Also, he got his membership in Internal Medicine from the Royal College of Physician in Ireland (RCPI).

He completed his postgraduate program in Diabetes in KIMS (Kuwait Institute of Medical Specialization).

Currently, he is a secretary of Kuwait Diabetes Society (KDS).

Special interests : insulin pump therapy, diabetic foot management and diabetes in pregnancy.

Esraa& A. Aldeaiji - PT, MSc

Other Team Members

Dr Abdulnabi Al-Attar - Consultant Diabetologist

Dr Waleed Al-dhahi - Consultant Endocrinologist & Diabetologist

Dr Amna Shagholi - Endocrinologist & Diabetologist

Dr Talal Muthafar - Endocrinologist & Diabetologist

Dr Ammar Al-Mansour - Endocrinologist & Diabetologist

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