Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet & Mediterranean Diet Recipes

The Mediterranean diet comes from the countries that are overlooking the Mediterranean sea, (like Spain , Greece , Turkey , Lebanon , Syria, etc..).

The Mediterranean diet consist of : fruits , vegetables , whole grains , nuts , sea food and healthy oils such as olive oil, canola oil . Many studies have been conducted on the effect of the Mediterranean diet.

How does the Mediterranean diet work

An Italian study showed that : “Mediterranean diets could serve as an anti-inflammatory dietary pattern, which could help fighting diseases that are related to chronic inflammation, including visceral obesity, type 2 diabetes and the metabolic syndrome.”(1). It is the combination factors of the favorable oils, nuts and wholegrain.

Is Mediterranean diet only useful for diabetes

No. The benefits extend beyond diabetes. Epidemiological studies from Spain showed that the consumption of the Mediterranean diet reduce your risk of heart attacks . (3,4)

Italian studies showed the usefulness of the Mediterranean diet and cancer , where olive oil, and other mono- and unsaturated fats, appear to be favorable indicators of breast, ovarian and colorectal cancers. (5)

Whole grain foods are also related to reduced risk various cancers. In contrast, refined grain intake. Fish, and hence a diet rich in n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, tended to be another favourable diet indicator.


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