Diabetes & Smoking

Smoking causes many diseases and health problems, and these problems are more serious with who suffers from diabetes.

Most people know that smoking causes cancer and lung disease. However, in fact, it also cause many diseases and other problems, especially if you are a diabetic. Smoking reduces blood flow in your body and therefore increases the chance of exposure to diabetes complications, including heart disease and amputation of limbs and other complications.

And now .. Here are the facts:

  1. When you smoke, the amount of oxygen in your body decreases which may lead to a heart attack or stroke.
  2. Smoking destroys your blood vessels, which may in turn lead legs and feet inflammations and infections.
  3. If you smoke and you a diabetic, you are more susceptible to nerve damage and kidney disease.
  4. Smokers are more susceptible to common colds and respiratory infections.
  5. Smoking may cause impotence.
  6. Children are more susceptible to become smokers if their parents smoke.

But The good news is that, regardless of how long you have been smoking , your health will better as soon as you quit or cut down smoking.

It is always difficult to change our habits, but it is worth it here.
There are many ways to help you try to quit smoking, and your doctor will be pleased to guide you.

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