What is Diabetes?

It is a chronic disease as a result of a rise in the level of sugar (glucose) in the bloodstream leading to the emergence of some symptoms and complications.

In normal conditions, most of what a person eats get converted to simple form of sugar known as "glucose". Glucose is the fuel that provides energy for the cells of the body to work. The pancreas secretes a hormone known as insulin and its mission is to deliver glucose to the bosy cells to be used as energy and storage of the remainder.

In diabetic person,his body does not produce sufficient insulin or the insulin it produces doesn’t work properly.Thus the body can not deliver sugar (glucose) to cells and Glucose accumulates in the blood, causing symptoms of high blood sugar (Hyperglycemia). Understanding this help us to know the integral role insulin plays in keeping normal level of glucose in the blood.


This type develops as a result of failure of the pancreas to secrete the hormone "insulin" or it is produced in very small insufficient amounts, and therefore, patients who have this type of diabetes need to take insulin for life long in addition to a balanced diet. This type usually affects children and adolescents.


In this type of diabetes, the body produces insulin but it does not work effectively and the body can not utilize and use it the way it should be. Patients who have this type of diabetes need to follow a diet and take the Oral hypoglycemic agents (sugar pills) with or without taking insulin.

Gestational Diabetes:

Affects women during pregnancy only and usually disappears after birth, However women who suffered gestational diabetes are more likely than others to develop diabetes type 2 in the future. It is necessary for gestational diabetes patients to know that the non-compliance with keeping the blood sugar at a normal level during pregnancy may lead to serious complications for both the pregnant and the fetus.

Of course not, there are many specialists to help you cope with diabetes, such as: your doctor, special diabetes nurse, dietitian, pharmacist, chiropodist and others. But you should know that the primary role in defeating diabetes is your role.

Always Remember these things :

  • Do not smoke
  • Keep the the level of cholesterol and lipids in your blood within the normal range.
  • Keep your blood pressure at a normal level.
  • Keep monitoring your blood glucose level daily.
  • Keep your weight in the optimum range.
  • Take your treatment as described by your doctor.
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle:
  • Overcome the tension and nervousness.
  • Keep a balanced diet.
  • take care of your feet.
  • Ensure good amount of exercise.
  • Make regular visits to: a dentist, and ophthalmologist, and your diabetes doctor.

The goal in treating diabetes is to maintain a normal level of sugar (glucose) in the blood, and thus preventing the symptoms of low(hypoglycemia) & high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) and and preventing the diabetes complications.

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